Photoshop Elements 15

Adobe has just updated to a new release of Photoshop Elements this month and it has quite a few new and very handy features. Photoshop Elements 15 now introduces touchscreen editing, batch adjustments, enhanced search function, additional guided edits, and additional editing tools.

This version has quite a few great features that I personally like such as the ability to add layers into groups, which is the same as adding layers to folders in Photoshop. This helps to keep your layers organized and is a tool I always use when creating PhotoArt as I often use dozens of layers.

Another great feature is the Refine Selection Brush which allows you to make fine selections such as fur and hair which is difficult to do using the standard selection brush.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading, I think the new features in this version make it a worthwhile upgrade. I’ve given a brief overview below, but you can get full details here in the Adobe website and also here in the Adobe Help Section.


Photoshop Elements 15

Elements Organizer 15 is now touch enabled, which will allow you to manage your photos with your fingers on touchscreen computers. It also includes a new Enhanced Search feature using Smart Tags which autotags your photos based on whats in them, so you can search by places, events, and other subjects. You can now also batch edit your photos.

Guided Edits

Photoshop Elements 15

Guided Edits help to transform complex tasks into easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Photoshop Elements now offers 45 Guided Edits, including five brand new ones in this release.

– Turning a photo into text
– Effects collages
– Speed pan effects
– Creating your own digital frames
– Painting effects onto photos

Editing Tools

Photoshop Elements 15

Using Expert Mode allows you to have fine control over your editing and photo manipulation. Several new editing tools have been added and/or enhanced, including

– Camera Shake
– Haze Removal
– Refine Selection Brush
– Layer Grouping and Color Coding
– Simplified Filters
– Perspective Crop tool